Clay Art Guild of the Hamptons



Jesus Antoshka

Jesus is currently the Assistant Manager at the Clay Art Studios of the Hamptons, and the Ceramic Technician at Suffolk County Community College located in Selden, NY. He has been working with clay since 2009, creating utilitarian ware with a focus in form, proportion, and scale.


Eve Behar

In 1991, Eve Behar took her first ceramics class in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She continued to take classes through college and after at the many studios around Manhattan.  In 1995 she went to Florence for a year to study ceramics, painting, and art history at the Studio Art Center International for which she received a Post Baccalaureate Diploma.  Upon returning from Italy, Eve worked as an assistant making slip cast production work while pursuing her own career.  In 2001, Eve once again went back to full time international study at Sheridan College in Oakville, Canada.  There she spent three intensive years refining her skills and techniques and developing a body of work. Eve was very happy to accept the highest award of Best in Show at the Graduate Show of 2004. Since 2004 and returning to New York, Eve has been in various wholesale and retail shows, gallery shows and featured on the Ceramics Monthly website and the Potter's Council 2014 calendar.  She also is an active board member of The Clay Art Guild of the Hamptons.


Adrienne Fierman

Adrienne has been working with clay for over 25 years, focusing on traditional hand- building methods of coiling and pinching. Study at Greenwich House in NYC was followed by workshops at Anderson Ranch, Peters Valley and Taos Art School where she was influenced and inspired by the Native American approach of “listening to the clay”. Her work was featured in the Potters Council Calendar, 2010, and she has exhibited at galleries including Celadon, Newport Potters Guild, DeCordovo Gallery and the 92St.Y, where she won “best-in-show”, 2013.

Steve Jones

Steve Jones is currently the Studio Director and an instructor at the Clay Art Studios teaching potters wheel classes. He began throwing in 2009 with Nancy Robbins at her Round Pond Pottery where, eventually, he became Nancy's apprentice. Steve's work focuses mainly on functional stoneware fired in the gas and electric kilns.

Lynn Leff

Lynn has been working with clay since 2007, exploring both hand building and the wheel. Over time hand building has become her passion.  She has been teachingkids at The Clay Art Studios of the Hamptons for several years as well as teaching pre-schoolers at Childrens Museum of the East End.  She has a whimsical sensibility in her approach to clay and loves working with clay almost every day!

Alicia Mack

Alicia Mack is a ceramic artist living and working in Hampton Bays, NY. Originally from Florida, from a family who supported her artistic efforts, she received her BFA in Ceramics from the University of Florida, and an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Miami. Alicia works in porcelain, throws and alters pots while still wet on the wheel to capture the softness, stretch and volume that comes from pushing and pulling the clay.


Nancy Robbins

Nancy Robbins has a BFA in ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design. She also studied ceramic engineering and glaze chemistry at Alfred University. She was Senior Craftsmen for Ceramic Reproductions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She works almost exclusively in porcelain created on the potter's wheel. Her smooth simple shapes serve as canvas for carefully reproduced ancient Chinese and Japanese glazes: Copper Red, Jun Blue, Celadon, Oribe, and Iron Yellow. “Simplicity and quiet grace are often overlooked.”


Tom Walter

Tom is currently the studio manager and an instructor at the Clay Art Studios. Tom also teaches Shotokan Karate at the Police Athletic League. "I have always been fascinated with clay. You can make just about anything. My speciality is dragons."