Clay Art Guild of the Hamptons

Kiln Firings


Our Kilns

The Guild offers firings for both members and non-members.  


Gas Reduction Kiln-Cone 10

2019 Firing Dates are scheduled for: 2/24, 4/6, 5/10, 6/15, 7/6, 8/13, 9/21, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7, 12/15

Members - $40 per shelf

Nonmembers - $80 per shelf

Firings may be rescheduled or canceled due to weather conditions or lack of work to fill the kiln.

Our four burner sprung arch gas kiln gives clay artists an opportunity to experience the beauty of Cone 10 reduction glazes. Glaze your bisque at the Clay Art Studios, where we have over 20 reduction glazes available. Opportunities are available to learn stacking and firing skills, and you are always welcome to attend the unloading so see everyone's results!

Tips for making work for the gas kiln:

  1. All work must be made using appropriately rated (high-fire) clay bodies and glazes.

  2. The shelf fee for any piece taller than 12" will be figured by placing the work on its side.

  3. You will get more bang for your shelf fee if you make some smaller pieces to fit around your larger pieces.

  4. If you want to fire plates, we suggest you use plate stackers. You can get 3-4 plates in the same space as 1 plate. If you don't want to invest in plate stackers, think about stacking partial kiln shelves for your plates on the shelf. Just be sure to leave a note for the person who is loading & unloading the kiln.

We bill the firing fees by shelves (square inch) for a very specific reason: you can save shelf fees by learning how to make the most of your stacking area and understanding how kilns are stacked.


Raku Kiln

2019 Raku Dates are scheduled for: 4/7, 5/5 (soldout), 5/19, 9/22, 10/13

MEMBERS - $150

Nonmembers - $200

Firings may be rescheduled or canceled due to weather conditions.

Facilitated Raku firings for experienced raku members. This is a team sport! Try different glazes & firing techniques, fire more pieces, learn to build and stack the kiln or just come and watch. Download a registration form.


Wood Kiln

We are currently researching ways to provide a wood-firing option for our community.  If you have ideas for locations or other resources, please feel free to get in touch!