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We have some exciting workshops scheduled for 2017. To register for any of these workshops, please download a workshop registration form. Workshops are open to members and non-members, and fees must be paid at least one month in advance (except for Winter Weekends) to reserve space, or workshop may be cancelled.  If you need a place to stay, please contact us.


Phyllis Spiegel

Phyllis Spiegel

Winter Weekend Workshops - 2017

2 Day Workshops

$100 - Members

$120 - Non-Members


Terra Sig: A Mystery No More, with Phyllis Spiegel - Jan.  7 & 8

Day 1:

  • History of Terra sigillata
  • Function
  • Demo 2 Methods of making it
  • Test for Specific gravity
  • Adding color to sig
  • Application of sig
  • Learn methods of burnishing sig
  • Bisque fire

Students should bring small greenware pieces hand built or thrown, the size of a small cup or bowl. Must be bone dry. Moppy brushes, thin plastic either from grocery bags or dry cleaner's plastic.

Day 2: 

  • Glaze interior of bisque. Let glaze dry
  • Make oxide washes
  • Apply oxide washes to sig surfaces, remove excess. Piece can now be glaze fired.
  • Demo: slip trailing, carving, stamping
  • Setting up a grid for decorating surfaces.

For this demo students should bring leather-hard pieces - they can be of any size or shape, thrown or hand built.  Bring in trailing tools, stamps, carving tools, and textures.

Includes materials, bisque, and ^5 firing.

Please register for this event through the contact form here.

Third Firing Options, with Nancy Robbins - Feb 11 & 12

Explore decals, overglazes, lustres and fired gold.  Also learn about low fire re-firing options.  Students should bring glazed pieces and a selection of brushes.  

Includes materials and ^018 firing.


Kiln Building Workshop

Rebuilding of the communal gas kiln at Water Mill

March 18-25, 2017

at The Clay Art Studios

price TBD

Details coming soon!

Bruce Dehnert

Bruce Dehnert

Master of The Art with Bruce Dehnert

July 3 - 7, 2017

10 AM - 4 PM

at The Clay Art Studios

prices TBD


Details coming soon!

Bill Shillalies ferric horsehair.jpg

Raku with Bill Shillalies

Choose your date:

May 21 & Sept. 10, 2017

at the Raku Kiln Site

Members - $150

Nonmembers - $200

Hands on raku, sagger & horsehair firing workshops. Participants should bring lots of bisque ware. Pots for Raku should be no larger than 6" to 8". Pots for horsehair or sagger should be burnished round shapes. Use groggy stoneware or raku clay.  A small selection of glazes will be provided.

"I have been working in clay for 25 years. Working in woodfiring, pit firing, horse hair firing, soda firing and raku, my vessels take their influences from natural forces in our environment. I find physical impulses are represented in the process of creating the work and the finished piece."