Clay Art Guild of the Hamptons

About Our Classes


Hand Building

Make unique functional or sculptural objects taught through coiling, pinching and slab building. Learn various finishing methods focused on high fire reduction glazing.


Monday, Wednesday,Thursday from10-1 and Fridays from 2-5 held at the Old MILL studio (Tom)

Fridays 10-1 held at water mill square studio (adrienne)


Kids (5-8) & Teen (9-13) classes

Individual creativity and experimentation emphasized through creative techniques of building with clay using slab,coil and pinch methods. Develop the skills needed to expand on projects. Teens will try the potters wheel too.


kids Mondays from 4-5pm@ the old mill studio (Lynn) & The Square studio (Lora)

teens mondays from 4-5:30 in july and tuesdays 4-5:30 in august held at The water mill square studio (Lora)

Altered-Layered and Patterned

This class will cover the basics of altering thrown pots into new shapes. We will explore new surfaces, such as screen printing, and ways to use slips and underglazes to create active and exciting surfaces. 

Prerequisite: Participants should have basic throwing skills.


THURSDAYs July 11, 18, 25 & August 1 from 10-1 at water mill square studio (alicia)

Exploring Glaze Surfaces

This class will explore varied materials and techniques for achieving unique glaze surfaces.  Using glazes, clay slips, oxides, stains, underglazes and natural materials, we will explore surfaces and application techniques.

Required elements for this class:

  • Notebook & index cards

  • 5 bisque pots

  • 5 greenware pots

  • 5 leather hard pots

  • SMALL pieces please!


wednesdays august 7,14,21,28

from10-1 held at the water mill square studio (nancy)


Potters Wheel - all levels

Learn throwing basics making cups, bowls, vases, plates and sculptural vessels. Advance study involves making handles, spouts and lids for mugs, teapots and more. Learn various finishing methods and high-fire reduction glazing.


mondays from 10-1 and Wednesday evenings from 6-9 pm held at the water mill square studio.(Alicia)

Potters Wheel Beginner-Intermediate

Students will learn basic throwing, trimming and glazing skills; forms will include bowls, cylinders, handles, and plates.  The curriculum will be tailored to general class interest. No prior wheel experience required.


tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6-9 pm held at the water mill square studio.(steve)

Potters Wheel Intermediate-Advanced

For students who have mastered basic wheel throwing skills such as centering, pulling, and trimming, Eve will help you take it to the next level. This class will provide demonstrations and instruction for making lids, spouts, handles, and other advanced techniques. You will also be encouraged to throw larger and lighter and shown ways to do so. Many decorating techniques for finishing your work will be covered as well. Sketchbook required.


Tuesdays from 10-1 held at the water mill square studio.(eve)

Throwing and Faceting Porcelain and Applying Shino Glazes

This class will focus on throwing small to medium size porcelain pieces, with faceting as an alternative. Tea bowls, tumblers, jugs, bottles and bowls. The facets can give some really interesting results with Shino glazes, which is the other focus of this class. The facets will give both sharp edges to the piece and a difference in thickness, that give the Shinos a chance to work its wonder, with beautiful and interesting effects – if all other factors cooperate: weather, carbon trapping during firing and favorable attitudes from the Shino gods.


THURSDAYs august 8,15,22,29

from10-1 held at the water mill square studio (aileen)